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S3 E3 The Amusement Arcade: A studio visit with Narbi Price

Written by Damian. Posted in 2009 Interviews

narbi_price_interview_47Narbi Price can come across as being a bit of a closed book; mysterious, quiet, reserved, possibly the kind of person you would see played by John Cusack in a film such as High Fidelity (perhaps too obvious an association as Narbi works at Newcastle Art Centre and skirts on the edge of playing the elitist shop clerk).  In those quiet moments of acerbic wit or self deprecation you can catch a glimpse of the character that is omnipresent in Narbi‚Äôs paintings; the everyman of British comedy whom Narbi references frequently.

Narbi Price: Apologies for the madness.

Damian Huntley: Ah God, nothing to apologise for.

NP: No, there is; I hate madness.

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